trump Top Trumps

Decided I am going to create a trump Top Trumps game.

I wrote above just over a year ago and now think that perhaps what he says and does would make any game obsolete within a week (more like a day). But maybe, with some creative design and making it a computerised game his egregious outpourings could become an ever changing aspect of the game.

Have noticed a rather depressing development with regard to drumf in that more people are suggesting he’s OK and his ‘style’ could sort our political shit and even make us great again. Apart from their delusional thinking a little reflection soon gives the lie to these folk. They’re typically, but not exclusively, male and white.

Growing up I would occasionally come across men saying that having some sort of benign dictator (classic oxymoron) would be the best type of government. An obvious segue to trump.

But what I think mainly underpins this sort of thinking is racism. It is increasingly obvious that the USA is riven by the thrashings of white men desperately trying to hold on to their power (can include a large dose of misogyny too).

So, the people here see in trump their ideal leader. Sad,

And all the brexit campaign groups broke the law and not only should the likes of gove, bunter and irritable bowel syndrome (ids) face prosecution but the referendum annulled and we have another with a better informed and regulated process. Proper democracy.

But we live in times where absolute self-serving cunts like gove, bunter, drumf and co do whatever they want with impunity. Looks like we have a dictatorship already. Sad.

8-RICHARD COLE-Venezuela Elections

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A quick one to get to 1001 quicker.

Now this jordan peterson bloke who is apparently quite popular at the moment but I have some doubts about. He loves to use scientific/statistical evidence which, of course, in these very subjective times of fake news is commendable. Anyway one of his favourite tropes is the Pareto Principle ( which is basically 80% of stuff is done by 20% and that this principle then debunks Marxism:

I have just a tiny problem with this as an extremely tiny proportion of the the world’s population, let’s say 0.0001% have 99.4% of the world’s wealth and are desperate to get the other 0.6% (I might have exaggerated these figures a little). But you get my drift and this does not accord with peterson’s espousal the Pareto principle, therefore peterson is wrong.

Brilliant cartoon from this weekend just gone:


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A febrile piece.

Wrote the following a few years ago whilst in hospital for a few days with a bit of a fever, or a touch of febrility:

“It’s 2.38 a.m. was sleeping but woken for obs, all fine. The other patients around me are all seriously ill but they have about them a spirit, a way of being and coping that is a privilege to witness.

I, I suspect like many of you, are circumspect when taking drugs such as painkillers. They are not anywhere near so inhibited in hospital; I’ve had 3 types of painkiller, loads of antibiotics, both pills and stomach injection for gut cramps and a stomach injection of something to boost the bone marrow.”  

Took me right back to being on a ward with a number of seriously ill men, all with some form of cancer. I remember that I was quite ill too and fell asleep soon after writing the above. Wrote the following after waking:

“Just been thinking about the Oxfam stat I wrote the other day of the super rich getting $300,000/minute, now I know they thieve obscene amounts but this equates to a massive amount even for them. The figure is for the combined theft/minute of the 85 richest people, so sorry for anything misleading, they only steal about $10,000,000 a day each.

Going to try and sleep now, hopefully home later today depending on blood count.”

Interesting this as I skip around with the timeline but the initial piece fitted well with the impetus for this blog as I heard the word ‘febrile’ for the 16th time in the last few days about the current political situation. The reporters, as is their wont, repeat each others lines as they regurgitate the corporate lies (oops missed out an n). As well as their use of it’s  meaning of a great deal of nervous excitement, it also means ‘having or showing signs of fever’

Read this the other day, can’t remember where from so can’t reference it but I’ll keep it in:

“Corporate culture demands the submission of the soul and it eliminates all emotions of uplift.”

But what does uplift the emotions is looking at and smelling the most divine of flowers that are blooming on our magnolia tree:


Doing my Qi Gong whilst looking at such beauty and taking in it’s wonderful smell is a beautiful antidote to the visit of the orange twat.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS sat in my lucky seat in the pub last night wearing a waistcoat.



The bleedin’ great pachyderm in the room.

Hey mooch do you do the fandango?

A couple I have driven to Southampton hospital a few times have told me how they had a successful business but ‘lost’ it to natwest bankster inc. through a highly sophisticated scam, they forged his signature on a document. It would appear that this is far from an isolated incident and I suspect all the big banks have their dirty digits fingering thousands of businesses. And how much do we hear about all of this, say in comparison with a benefit cheat or immigrants taking our jobs and using our health service?

Dear angry young man sent me the following link which highlights how even a famous person, Noel Edmonds, is like a gnat against the thick elephant hide in the room:

You can find out more at

Feels like capitalism just feeds our darker drives.

Just read about the current battle between capitalism and humanity going on at the Elephant and Castle in London town. The current Elephant has evolved over the years to be a vibrant, colourful, diverse and full of humanity community where ordinary folk can live, work and be with each other. And along come the delancey developers offering their bright, shiny future with nothing for the poor folk and any actual humanity ripped out.

One aspect of delancey’s dehumanising (apart from their derisory offer of a whopping 3% of ‘social housing’) is the collusion with an educational establishment, in this case the so-called london college of communication. It’s happening all over the country with these new bastions of capitalism colluding with big business to exploit as many people as possible. A development near the Elephant has student rooms going for up to a measly £435 a week.

It’s even reached the Archers where a proposed housing development in Ambridge has already reduced it’s ‘social housing target’, go Kirsty and Pat.

And as we witness the increasingly imminent extinction of our largest land animal some of us wonder why. Is it human nature? No say I and others, it’s the absolute logical conclusion of capitalism as Professor Ashley Dawson has it:

““Capitalism is an economic system founded on ceaseless expansion,” Dawson, who specializes in Postcolonial studies, said. “It must grow at a compound rate or it will experience convulsive economic and social crises. The contradictions of this system are patently self-evident: an economic system based on infinite expansion must inevitably crash into the natural limits of finite ecosystems.”


Endangered waterfowl with sign: 'Will work for habitat.'

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Let’s look forward to Mr Asaria doing some useful work for a change.

Just read the following from an unpublished blog last year and it remarkably still works for me:

‘In our dysfunctional world I think the way we deal with abuse is in itself abusive. I’m thinking of pretty much all types of abuse and I suppose it’s often down to the law of unintended consequences alongside partial and biased reportage, our limited cognitive abilities and viewing things through the distorting prism of our various belief systems.’

Anyway, will now write a short piece inspired by the lovely Sam Harris discussing Universal Basic Income (UBI) with one Andrew Yang who has written a book about it, who believes it to be one way forward to deal with the soon to be automation of a quite mind boggling array of jobs. He is so committed to it that he’s standing to be the next president of the failing USA. You too can hear it too:

And despite the current bollocks we have in the way governments and the likes of drumf are dealing (or not dealing) with it a ray of light shone for me after Andrew Yang spoke of the slight irony in some jobs currently underpaid and valued becoming more necessary whilst other valued and well remunerated jobs rapidly being replaced by various forms of AI. (Just spelt remunerated wrong again, I still think it should be renumerated, and before pedants get on it spelt is as valid as spelled).

Get on with your ray of light shit.

OK, so I would consider many ceo jobs as soon to be redundant, surely what they claim to do to justify their obscene thieving renumeration could be very easily done by an AI machine. Following this perfect logic we could rid ourselves of the likes of cambian’s ceo kleptasaria and the other financial leeches and properly and fairly share out the wealth to the workers and those they falsely claim to help and their families. Kleptasaria would also have the opportunity to do a worthwhile job at last, maybe do some real charity work.

I love utopia.

And Englandshire beat two relatively unfancied teams, Germany are eliminated so now we’re not just getting to the final we’re winning the whole thing.

I know, I’ve written about losing money backing Englandshire, but against my better judgment I’ve been swept up in the euphoria and backed them to beat Belgium.

Time for a Kliban:


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Housing needs to be social.

Is Godwin’s Law (or rule) in the age of drumf now become defunct? Even Godwin says it is.

It’s not common knowledge yet, but later in this so far glorious summer there’ll be a report or two about how the housing market is bust. Property should be selling way more than it actually is at this time of year, London prices are dropping as are those outside of London and the buy to let usury is spluttering. We’ll get the usual neoclassical economic thinkpieces about our atomised societal behaviour but little that really explains our economically illiterate times.

One of the many failings of our predominant economic thinking is the bollocks that individuals are best placed to make economic decisions using their ‘maximising model’ i.e. what’s best for them and their monetary profits. What it doesn’t take into account is the many factors affecting human behaviour beyond simplistic material outcomes.

The dismal ‘science’ indeed. Actually not a science and certainly not part of the humanities. The current dominant neoclassical economic theory belongs more in the category that includes religion, astrology and drumfakery.

Anyway, housing is now very much part of the neoliberal economic landscape and as such will be prey to cyclical downturns. The seedcorn of the housing market, first time buyers, have been priced out and are on relatively low wages. Social housing has been commodified. Brexit.  Really is time for  change. Time for some mass squatting of empty/rarely used properties. More social housing for need not profit. More creative architecture and use of land and buildings. Mass repatriation of land from the larger freeloading landlords like the duke of westminster, queenie and drax.

Not much chance of that right now as the soccer circus hits hysterical heights and Englandshire’s demolition of the mighty Panama guarantees us a place in the final.

And where’s bunter for today’s Heathrow vote. Now that’s a circus many of us would like to see with the straight haired twat lying in front of a bulldozer.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.