Giving the finger.

After some deep thought I’ve decided to not join the vaccine trial. It was an interesting process for me as I had to consider many factors, not least Kate’s deep concerns and worries for me. But I think what swung it was an observation made by a wonderful man who’s been sticking little needles in me for a while, Alan the acupuncturist. He stopped mid-treatment on Wednesday to tell me that according to Chinese medicine/philosophy I have fire as my predominant feature and so tend to quickly get involved with stuff that grabs my interest but will often briefly flare then fizzle out. It took little reflection to recognise this about myself. I have thoughts and ideas of stuff to do every day and at least 1% get anywhere.

I further reflected that I am currently involved with a number of things and have a number more bubbling away and that I’m not doing any of them particularly well, so some rationalisation might be in order and embarking on what would be a very involving and intensive medical trial might not be the best thing for me right now and I now feel very guilty about not doing my bit for the greater good of humanity.

Anyway, have had a quick look at the Wu Xing to check this fire thing out and one table, the mapping of zang-fu networks by Chinese doctors, intrigued me. Some of the elements certainly apply to me, especially the finger, which for me is the middle one.

Which I will give to:

The fat orange child when he visits our shores.

To david davies for not releasing the 50 reports about the effects of brexit.

To all of us who have continued to indulge the likes of weinstein.

To the tts for their continuing absolute ineptitude.

To ‘neoliberal capitalism’ as it thrashes around destroying more in it’s death throes.

To an announcement I heard recently on a train exhorting passengers to report dodgy looking folk, I immediately drew the guard’s attention to a number of dodgy folk reading the daily mail.

Anyway, as ever I digress, and must divest myself of some frivolous ideas and focus on doing fewer things a little better.

Infographic Finger.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





We need a human vaccine.

So, off to Southampton Hospital today for an initial meeting to discuss me taking part in a trial, called HARE-40 HPV vaccine trial, as part of the wider investigation in trying to utilise the body’s immune system in treating/preventing cancer.

I was amongst the first students in the country to study immunology at Chelsea College nxrgghh years ago at undergraduate level and I’m sure that today I will confirm Pope’s  adage of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. Am a tad apprehensive as I’m still not good at thinking about cancer and my relation to it and also that it is a trial and is therefore a step into unknown territory. Kate is very wary.

Spoke about it last week to a crabby chum who is already going through the trial process which is partly about finding the most effective optimal dose of vaccine. The vaccine causes quite a reaction including the shakes and raised body temperature, much like a normal fever I suppose. It will also involve lots of needles.

I hope they soon find a vaccine to treat kleptomania as the damage being wrought by the infected kleptos on humans is reaching epidemic proportions. A new angle to this recently caught my attention from Counterpunch :

“Paddock was someone Trump could relate to: he was a millionaire, a landlord, a habitué of casinos, and a man who enjoyed the company of foreign-born women. Trump would rather not confront one of the most pressing questions of the Vegas massacre: what happens when the one-percenters snap and go full-auto on crowds of middle class white people? Somewhere along the line Paddock had done a Colonel Kurtz in the American outback, holing up in a planned retirement community in the Nevada desert, adjacent to Bunkerville, the Masada of the gun-obsessed property rights fanatics.”

Now the NRA and other fucked up fuckers would advocate the immune response that we are all aggressively tooled up so that the ‘good guys’ will kill the ‘bad guys’. The glaringly obvious flaw in this argument is their fundamental distortion of the words good and bad. One distortion being the conflation of good with white and male. They’re still in cowboy mode.

And I do like Mark’s new cycle gang: The Proud Boys (wanking chapter). Check their progenitors out:          Although, as with myself, it is the case that Mark’s gang is all white and all male.

Time to breakfast before the trial.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Being a bit of a gambler I’d like to explain simple odds to anyone at all interested. With England at odds of 18 to 1 to win next year’s world cup a £100 stake will lead to a loss of £100.

Keep on chooglin’

So Kate and I are living in our little bubble and been enthralled by the second series of Dr Foster and were looking forward to the finale (no need for a spoiler alert). Earlier in the day I’d had a crabby lunch with my crabby bunch during which someone asked if the rest of us had been watching Dr Foster and what a horrible woman Dr Foster was. I, as is my occasional want, immediately reacted and said what a great character she was and how the actress is excellent. I told Kate of this exchange and we both disagreed with his judgment. Little did we know.

We watched the gripping finale and were both moved with the denouement. Later, as is the modern way, I went online to check what others thought and I soon realised that we seemed to be very much in a minority bubble as others thought the series preposterous, unbelievable and other picky shit. I refused to be swayed by popular opinion and still think it was a gripping piece of drama and this is where I’ll plant my flag of opinion. It was drama: “a story involving conflict or contrast of character” and as such it worked beautifully. Part of me wonders whether much of the opprobrium is sexist. My crabby friend hinted at this; a strong woman who fights back and ends up controlling the immediate relationship with a man who had abused her.

And another thing, the latest Scandi offering Black Lake or Svartsjön, more Scandi horror than noir, and with the first “don’t go in there on your own in the dark” moment a lovely intense tingling spread through my legs from my knees. First time I’d felt this in my body, maybe another chemo side effect. Anyway, felt good and I kept looking forward to more frightening episodes.

And maybe I’ll be joining a research programme at Southampton University where they’re trialling a vaccine as part of an immunotherapy approach to treating cancer.

So hard watching and listening to the tts this week, culminating in may’s misfortune. Is it just me or are they trying a Labour lite approach? And as for prick the lion’s unleashment, meefuckingow.

See my new team, Forest Green Rangers, are having a dodgy start to the season.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

a prick’s progress.

And I’ve just heard James O’Brien say how in pricks’ biography of himself, sorry Churchill, he suggests that when Churchill began opposing hitler and nazism in the early 30’s it was a “cynical act of self interest”.


William Beckford’s ‘A Rake’s Progress’.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

The politics of reason.

The clouds have come and so it comes to pass that I read an article:

that confirms my bias, and yet I still critically reflect.

Am I envious because I didn’t have a private education or made loads of money and been ‘successful’? Am I going against the ‘law of nature’ and not recognising the rise of cornflakes? Am I being hyocritical because I went to a grammar school? No is my answer, for all of these ‘arguments’ and more, I have and do apply reason and critical thinking. And I agree with the thrust of the article and would go further. Because of our individual family and educational experiences, which are very peculiar to this country, many of us find it very difficult to get beyond our reactionary, class-based responses to people suggesting that what we’ve been brought up to believe might be questioned.

Rather than continue the argument by providing lots of evidence from research and statistics I will simply proffer a simple subjective example of an old etonian who has been proven on so many occasions to be a liar, a cheat, a bully, a narcissist, an incompetent and incredibly profligate spender of public money whilst mayor of London, a crass musser of his straight and dyed hair; and yet is still fawned over and seriously considered by so-called serious people to be a future prime minister as to the ineptitude and unfitness of our educational system.

Actually we’d save a lot of money and improve the country no end if we replaced all the students in private schools with all those poor young folk currently residing in our punitive institutions.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS the sun is shining again now.



Oh Frabjous Day.

Oh frabjous day; I wake up, so I can assume I’m still alive, the sun is shining, the coffee tastes good and the tts are in total disarray. Of course it’s just my tiny, subjective view looking out at my world, how’s your view of your world looking today?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.