Time to disable the disablers and enable the enablers.

wrexit is not the only driving force behind our fracturing country, as I often suggest the class system provides the systemic backdrop over which the tt’s austerity bollocks and the demonisation of the welfare state and benefit fraud allows petty human nastiness to ooze out like pus from a boil. A recent report showed that 300,000 people had reported their fellow earthly inhabitants over the past 2 years for benefit fraud. Of these approximately none led to any prosecution. What does this say?

We often boast about our british values, and a frequently quoted value is our tolerance and acceptance of others. Yet shit like the above suggests otherwise.

And yet there is something more positive astirring; the rising up of women against abusive patriarchal power a good example. Carrie Grace’s powerful testimony against the BBC. Madison Marriage’s reporting on the president’s club. One hope’s that there will be a continuing exposure of abuse and inequality and a general swing against the shit perpetrated by the powerful. But it can only happen if people work and play together.

And Silent Witness did it’s bit in this week’s story. Disabled people were at the forefront and the programme threw in pretty much every form of abuse into the mix producing a brilliantly dramatic expose. It would be great if Liz Carr got proper recognition for her performance. Penny Pepper was really moved by the programme:

“And so barriers remain in place, disabling us, and denying our full participation in the everyday. The current government wallows in an ideology that crushes us with cuts to social care, to services – and to disabled arts organisations. Immediately after Silent Witness, Ellen Clifford, of Disabled People Against Cuts, was on Newsnight, pointing out that “the United Nations made a finding of grave and systemic violations towards disabled people”.”


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


The privatisation of care.

We all care, even sociopaths care even if it’s only about their image and how that might affect their power and economic well being. That’s why such things as the ITV exposure programme last month about abuse in cambian schools and care homes caused a brief flutter and a sharp drop in the cambian share price. But normal service is soon resumed and the share price has gone back up and that’s all they care about. Much as some folk are justifying drumf, all his sociopathic behaviour is excused because the dow is booming.

One slight problem with all this privatised caring sharing bollocks; it is fucking society. The kleptos care, they go to men only ‘charity’ dos to demonstrate how much they care by flashing their wallets and their pricks. cambian and their private equity owners gi partners care about how much money they make out of providing services for vulnerable young people. Money that comes from the public purse straight into their private wallets.

And how do these companies, like cambian, like carillion, like virgin care care? They’re bleedin’ marvels, they take money from the public purse and somehow perform an alchemy in providing ‘better’ services for all us punters and make money for their investors, win-win eh? Well, maybe not.

You may find it hard to believe but many of these companies are ultimately registered in tax havens; with lovely irony, for example, virgin care’s ultimate parent company is virgin group holdings based in the british virgin islands (a tax haven). They operate very complex and convoluted financial structures and, surprisingly, virgin care make no profits in the UK so pay no tax in the UK and yet are getting all their money from the UK, something not quite right. So, dear mr branson with his carefully cultivated bearded image, is doing all this caring for no personal financial gain, what a gent.


And what of all this ‘specialist’ care that cambian provide to very complex and often challenging young folk? I worked as a teacher in a cambian school for 17 years. I did witness the development of an impressive looking therapy team which included psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, and physiotherapists, and despite organisational problems, did good work. What cambian also did was impose structural and working practice changes on the workforce in the school all designed primarily to be ‘financially efficient’, won’t bore you with details but no prizes for guessing where the money did and did not end up.

Now one might expect a ‘specialist’ autism school to keep the educational practitioners up to date with the latest advances in educating young folk with autism, actually there was frighteningly little. There was lots of structural stuff to keep those boxes ticked, we even had a 2 evening ‘twilight’ extravaganza with an inspector to, in his words, let loose our ‘blue sky thinking’ and design, wait for it I can sense your mounting excited anticipation, a new medium term planning form. So loads of bureaucratic bollocks and very little training and support for our actual jobs.

cambian also operate in foster care: cambian foster care, again the ‘business’ of caring for vulnerable young folk. The exploitation of both the cared for and the actual carers (not the exploitative ‘caring’ businesses) is better explained by Aditya Chakrabortty:


UK governments have implemented and not overseen this theft of our common wealth. It really is time to properly take back control.

'I can assure you we are carrying out cheques at this very moment'.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



As it is rapidly dawning on me that if I am to make a success of my unctuous business I need to be way more organised than I’ve ever been I decide to tidy my blog as a bit of displacement activity. So I look back at the accumulating drafts and think the following written last November deserves an airing:

And so it is with my presumptive conceit that perhaps I have a post-treatment super immune system not having had any illness for the past 3 years and it is just that, a conceit. I now have an annoying cough, sore throat and occasional nasal floods. Due my regular outpatient check-up today so called them up to see if it’s OK to take my spluttering self: “unless it’s diarrhea and vomiting or proper flu it’s fine” was the reply, “half of us are suffering from it and it can last for weeks” was the reassuring supplement.

And right now thinking about my check-up I get anxious and it triggers a coughing fit. Take some calming breaths. Hope I’m feeling better for our trip to the Algarve this Saturday, at least it will give Kate some much deserved R&R.

It’s now the day after my check-up and I’m OK for another 3 months, until the next check-up. The consultant spoke about the vaccine trial, I explained why I declined, she understood. Said I’d take my chances with the next trial if the cancer returns even though it was my understanding that it would be a blind trial and I may well just get a placebo. She put me straight saying that the next stage of the trial would involve giving the vaccine to all those with the cancer and after trying all other possible treatments.

Anyway unctuous sales have gone up in recent weeks which is pleasing and keeps me ever hopeful that it’s worth pursuing. Have felt for a while that I’m on the cusp of it taking off, is this what happens with a ‘product’? Do business and sales lumber along until a ‘critical mass’ is reached? High time for a board meeting to plan for this as in it’s current state the company would find it hard to cope with any big increases in orders.

Sometimes wonder if I’m a sad old git getting pleasure from the puncturing of conceited pomposity of the likes of boris bunter. But it makes me laugh, such as Martin Rowson just saying that bunter likes to see himself as Churchillian because like Churchill he is a ‘writer’ and ‘journalist’ as well as ‘politician’, so was mussolini!

Had an email from Groupon yesterday and it included a deal to stay at trump turnberry. There is a lovely delight about this with such a high-end business doing something like this. That’s Groupon selling cheap stays at a low rent hotel. turnberry used to have some prestige.

Beware conceit.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS just been reading about peers thinking that the EU withdrawal bill is “fundamentally flawed and risks undermining legal certainty”. I really can’t believe that the bunch ‘leading’ our negotiations could be so incompetent. But as the latest incarnation of capitalism unravels so the tt enablers are increasingly revealed as the real enemies of us, the people. Instead of the country being involved in an informed debate over the past few years the tts have unleashed an increasingly divisive shitstorm.






Costa is shit.

My fevered chemo addled brain is even more discombobulated than normal right now as I attempt to make sense of competing claims about inequality. Various tories and their supporters have claimed in recent weeks that inequality has decreased and that we are entering a period of nirvana where all is fair and just and there is an equal sharing of this Earth’s common wealth (I might have added the last bit, fevered brain and all). And this is proved by graphs like this:


And then I read stuff claiming a widening of inequality with 42 individuals (that’s 42 people, probably all men) have the same amount of monetary wealth as 3,700,000,000 of the poorest. So, averaging this figure out every one of these 42 megakleptos has as much as 88,095,238 poorer people.

Now, I could go on bandying figures around and have heated discussions with tt apologists but I can’t be bothered.

And my mood is made worse ‘cos I’ve just had my first costa coffee in many years and it was shit.

And david walliams is arguably worse than the appalling neanderthal punters at the presidents do as he was there in a ‘professional capacity’ and so was paid, like the young scantily clad young women, but paid very much more.



Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Cyclopic kleptos.

Now let’s see if I get this right. carillion, basically a construction company which ‘diversified’ and snaffled up public contracts in school meals, cleaning hospitals and prison maintenance and the like has fucked up (the board, not the actual workers). What wondrous beasts these private behemoths are, is there no end to their entrepeneurial talents? Trouble is these monstrous cyclopian corporations have only an eye for one thing, making money for their masters. Their governmental flunkeys (like failing grayling) dish out juicy contracts and don’t even bother to keep an eye on things.

The government don’t seem to be overly concerned about checking where our money goes on our behalf, they do know but don’t care about us. So, suddenly the monster is liquidated, another monstrous corporation, price waterhouse cooper is anointed by same government to carry out liquidation and I wonder where more money will end up? I also wonder what waterhouse did as their title is PwC.

The bosses of carrion won’t see their ill gotten loot touched, they’ll keep their bonuses and pensions and other goodies. And the workers, the real wealth creators? Oh dear, there’s a £600 million pension deficit despite carrion boasting in their most recent annual report of 16 years unbroken dividend growth (any connection I naively wonder?). So not only are the workers jobs threatened but also their pensions.

And this one-eyed government will continue with their mantra “private good, public bad”.

We have been fooled for so long, we have been living in a country of the blind where the one-eyed ones are kings. The kleptos are like one Brobdingnagian loadsamoney character waving their wads at us.

Enough, resist.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Mass cognitive dissonance.

One of the many misleading mantras associated with this country’s political bollocks is that the tts are ‘sound with money’, ‘economically competent’ and that Labour are not. If you can be bothered to look into the relative economic performance of different governments you will soon learn that the tts are way more economically illiterate. And yet the macro-narrative is the opposite.

But, of course, they are economically literate in a very narrow way and that is to conserve (and increase) the wealth of their class at the expense of the rest of us. Hands up all those who’s income has increased over the past 10 years. It’s certainly not the vast majority of the population the tts are supposed to represent. Here’s a graph:

International comparison of average real wage growth since the crisis 10 year ago:


So, most of us are poorer. And what’s happened to the klepto’s earnings over the same period I wonder?

And yesterday I learnt that an annual season ticket from Peterborough to London now costs £7,864. In Germany an annual travel card covering ALL train journeys across their national network costs £3,797.

Now who was it sold us rail privatisation as such a good thing?

And the tts have just bailed out those wonderful kleptonic railway companies stagecoach and virgin with £2,000,000,000. So how much of that grotesque sum ends up in the grasping maws of souter and bransom?

One could go on with numerous more examples. But much as those who voted for drumf or brexit will hold on to their misguided beliefs we don’t have a proper debate about stuff.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

I aspire to be truly aspirational.

So Angela Rayner, Labour’s shadow education minister, thinks “White working-class children should be motivated to become more aspirational in schools and “push themselves” “. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/jan/03/white-working-class-boys-should-be-more-aspirational-says-labour-minister

Aspiration has been a buzzword for a while now in educational discussions, although I rarely read or hear the term buzzword now which is a little ironic if you can be bothered to think about it, anyway I digress as is my wont and this distracts from any point I may be trying to make and although occasionally interesting is typically boring and anyone who still actually reads will have clicked and moved on to look at some other screen candy that’s caught their eye.

Aspiration, who could possibly be against such a noble aim for our young folk? Especially for those at the bottom of our class-sodden society, and especially for the ‘indigenous’ white lowest class, and the male ones at that. Well me for one. Rayner’s argument is that because there have been successful educational initiatives such as in London, with ethnic minorities and with girls which have worked in terms of improving their academic achievements this has had a negative effect on white ‘working-class’ boys. There is some truth in this but, I’d argue, this has merely confirmed their feelings that the education system as it is is not for them as those that ‘succeed’ within the system are not like them and they are right. What underpins this divide in our country is the class system and, if you think about it, trying to encourage these ‘white, working-class boys’ to be more ‘aspirational’ is an attempt to get them to be more like people they are not.

A primary defence of our elitist education system that we should get all our educational establishments to emulate the ‘elite’ educational establishments (wow, what alliteration!). This assumes, which comes easily to a class sodden society, that the likes of eton and harrow are ‘elite’ (note how the ‘elite’ schools are male establishments).

People will promote the very occasional story of how the gritty poor, but talented, kid makes it against all the odds and they become role models. One such is Lewis Croney who made it to Cambridge to study maths and has been used in a documentary by Professor Green (a white working-class rapper) called Working Class White Men. Lewis said: ““People genuinely think people like me should not go to this university because it’s so prestigious. There’s too much stigma that it’s really about the rich that discourages people from applying from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

This is being said now, this is the current actualite of our divided society.

So, I dislike the the term ‘aspirational’, it puts the onus (bit like buzzword onus, isn’t used much anymore, maybe because it’s so close to anus) on the young folk to buck their ideas up and with a bit of support they too can aspire to be like the privileged few. No, the onus needs to be on creating a genuinely world class, just and equitable comprehensive educational system.

It can be done, witness what’s happening in the world of sexual politics. Just watched Oprah Winfrey’s brilliant speech at the Golden Globes and white, male privilege can be challenged: https://youtu.be/LyBims8OkSY

I watched this and tears were streaming down my face, the righting of injustice is very powerful and is something more of us should aspire to.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.