A flower.

“America is literally unimaginable without plundered labour shackled to plundered land, without the organising principle of whiteness as citizenship, without the culture crafted by the plundered, and without that culture itself being plundered.” from https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/sep/29/we-should-have-seen-trump-coming

And here we have brief consternation of the powered and the moneyed as Mr Jeremy and co raise the spectre of, dread word, socialism. Whilst watching and listening to the Labour conference I was reminded of Kinnock and the Sheffield rally in 1992 one hopes history doesn’t repeat. Much can happen between now and the next election and we can expect the tts and their powerful friends to dupe the populace. We can already witness how it will pan out, just watch the latest Question Time. It also featured some aggressive bullying from an audience member towards the panelist Ayesha Hazarika, which on reflection could include sexism and racism. I replayed it and dimblebore, with his ever so daring tie, did nothing to sort out the man in the audience. It was left to Ayesha to defend herself and point out the bully’s bullying behaviour.

And so we have this cursory examination of our ‘democracy’, there is so little mainstream analysis of how our culture is, and has been, plundered. Just as our bastard offspring over the Atlantic is a dysfunctional democracy, so we are continuing to suffer under the yoke of the plunderers: the landowners (how did they come to own the land?), the kleptos, the ‘establishment’, the ‘aristocracy’. Instead we have the comical shitshow parade of the likes of bunter prick spewing his racist, sexist, post-colonial bile. I like Brian Cox’s comment about the johnson: “If you removed all that is good in Britain, leaving only blimpish sludge, and emptied the residue into one man……..”

And so we’re left to look for the joy and wonder around us: a flower, a piece of music, a smile, the sound of waves, a glass of red wine.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan



Just noticed that this is still a draft and hadn’t been published so it’s a week late.

On this day 3 years ago Kate and I were in Poole hospital being given my crabby diagnosis and my life changed. But we’re still having fun and last night we went to a celebration of a friend, Herr Wunderkammer, and his photos of the images left by canine piss. His photos are in a beautiful new book of dog photos and his collection are described as wunderkammer; German word meaning ‘cabinet of curiosities’ as in things not yet properly categorised, such as photos of dog piss images.

And our ‘leaders’ continue to piss all over us. The tts continue their brexit shit and the prick johnson continues his childish manouevres. But, manouevres implies elements of skill and planning which the johnson doesn’t have. It’s more like base self-centred cunning, much like the other pisser drumf. And one looks forward to all the NFL footballers #taketheknee during the national anthem and really pissing off drumf and all the racist white supremacists. Actually I was doing something similar many years ago as at the start of sporting internationals I would remain seated when the national anthem was played. I developed a strong republicanism from an early age based on an understanding of the royal family’s role in our class system.

And I find the contrast between our sports folk and the American ones noticable. Our sporties very rarely get involved in things political, remaining deferential and maintaining the ‘status quo’. But over the pond they seem more able to assert their right from the first amendment. Here we are too deferential and don’t want to upset our ‘betters’ in the class system. Thing is when our ‘betters’ are the likes of johnson and co the sooner we reject and eject them the better. Up the workers!


Wunderkammer 2

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.






We’ve lived through an exceptional era and ties.

Just been reading a piece by Claud Cockburn about Al Capone in which he met and interviewed him. Triggered by Cockburn expressing some sympathy about growing up in a poor environment Capone reacted with praise for the American system; freedom, enterprise and pioneers and contempt for socialism and anarchism. He kept repeating ‘My rackets are run on strictly American lines.’ Despite all his egregious criminal activities, carried out ‘on strictly American lines’, he was eventually imprisoned for tax evasion.

Now to my chemo addled little brain this has modern day parallels with someone. This person has run his life and businesses on ‘strictly American lines’ using and abusing people to further himself up to and including probable treasonous activities with foreign powers. Relevant authorities have not seen his tax returns for many years, maybe he could be imprisoned for tax evasion.

Al Capone was at the peak of his powers around the same time as the Great Depression. As we all should know this led to the rise of some rather unsavoury characters and political parties culminating in the Second World War. After the war there was a massive move towards more ‘progressive’ politics, the creation of welfare states, greater emancipation of women, non-whites and other groups.

Until the 1970’s, when the Austrian and Chicago gangs (Capone was also based in Chicago) led by Hayek began the ‘neoliberal’ fightback. Despite this more liberal thought and legislation continued through our lifetimes and I, and I’m sure others, couldn’t countenance the rise of the current American president and the corrosive effects of the likes of farage and johnson. But placed within the context of the longer term drumf is not such an anomaly, more a reversion to American type.

I think it no co-incidence that part of his make-up, on top of his whiteness and maleness are his ridiculously big and long ties. I hate ties and have very rarely worn them since leaving school. I was regularly fined at my last rugby club Esher as they demanded we wore club ties for league matches, I reluctantly wore one round my waist. Anyway enough of my petty shit, ties.

Ties are worn as the de facto male uniform along with typically boring and bland suits. I think that this attire has the effect of accentuating the tie which, of course, is an accentuation of the phallus. Apart from drumf exemplifying this I have corroborative evidence. For a number of years I had in my class a male student who had a predilection for the male member and would occasionally try and touch others crotches; once, in a crowded motorway urinal area I had to tell him that if he wanted to look at penises to just look at his own. Anyway, my class was once favoured with a visit from a senior manager and one of my favourite inspectors. The male inspector was dressed in typical fashion, plain suit and tie. As soon as the student saw him he went straight towards him as if to shake hands and grabbed his genitalia. Stifling a laugh I moved the student away and suggested he tried again this time just shaking hands. I am convinced that the inspectors’ tie was an overwhelming signal for the student.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Thinking on one knee.

Fascinating, well at least for me, is what is happening stateside with the #takeaknee protest. Old pumpkinhead blunders in with his oh so obvious racist and increasingly fascist bollocks and will hopefully stir up those who maybe don’t think a great deal about politics within the sports fraternity to think.

I was brought up in a very sporty household, much of my time was taken up with playing both organised and more freeform sporty stuff. I loved arunning and akicking and astriking, I was a perpetul motion machine. But, I’m afraid, sport is certainly not a simple, apolitical affair. I had an early inkling of this when as an elfin eleven year old I played in a soccer game on Wrotham village’s recreational field. I played for a team composed of those of us who lived on farms, hamlets and small villages around the larger metropolis that was Wrotham who provided the opposition. I remember little of the game but much of the aftermath. We won and as soon as the game ended we were surrounded by the players, parents and other adults associated with the Wrotham team making all sorts of verbal accusations and threats. Our team created a new local record for car cramming as the whole team got into my dad’s car and drove slowly away still surrounded by the baying mob.

It was a scary experience. Over the years I realised that it wasn’t just the accusations that one of our players being a larger than average 11 year old was ‘overage’ and the difficulty of accepting losing but a deeper representation of identity and class politics. We were the ‘outsiders’, we represented (some irony for me here!) the ‘landed gentry’, we had some going to grammar school like myself whilst the Wrotham team were all? going to the local secondary modern. My first lesson in how political sport is.

It’s been this way for millenia as I copy this example from a recent Grauniad piece: “Sparta’s loan of three-time Olympic champion Chionis in 630 BC helped put the city of Cyrene on the map.” And now pumpkinhead wades in, claiming his comments are not about race and the like as he tries to stir his racist white base against the uppity blacks who dare to protest about endemic racism. So far the response of sports folk in America has been unaminous and admirable, calling out the ignorant buffoon for what he is.

Anyway, ‘takingaknee’ during the national anthem is way more patriotic than avoiding the draft 5 times. Although it could be argued that he heroically avoided capture by the vietcong by staying at home.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Whilst driving back from taking a woman on a hospital visit saw a large banner advertising a ‘dementia virtual tour’, sadly I immediately added the tagline “once experienced soon forgotten”.

Wish we could forget all the brexit bollocks about which there seems to be little sensible discussion especially from the brexit zealots who, in the mould of other religious zealots, howl down anyone who isn’t a true believer and dare question their fundamentalism. Deny them the oxygen of publicity, especially bunter, except with deserved ridicule and satire. And yet an incredibly simplistic binary vote has been ‘won’ with 37% of the vote giving these zealots licence to inflict themselves on the rest of us and implement their neoliberal feudalism. There may be some benefits of brexit but the not with these absolute fuckers we have ‘driving it’, they are not only inept and corrupt but primarily playing petty politics which we’ve had since 2010. One could very reasonably ask who are the country’s real traitors?

And who or what does boris de pfeffel twatface bunter have allegiance to as he has a pop at young folk having the EU colours painted on their faces and suggesting they have ‘split allegiance’, this isn’t allowed in his dinosauric brain? Of course the twattish twerp has only ever had allegiance to his arrogant self.

And wish I had not recently watched a documentary series I’d recorded about 1066. 3 hours during which I learnt about 7 minutes worth of new and pertinent stuff. What is it with current documentaries that they repeat stuff a ridiculous number of times, maybe it’s dementia friendly.

A moving conversation with Hector recently when he spoke of his friend’s horrific accident. As I wrote in my earliest blogs people react so differently to those who are suffering misfortune. Some just make contact and simply state their sadness and support. Others will go on about being positive, modern medical marvels and stuff they think will help. Others make no contact. I think the last two groups think more about themselves and have little or no empathy, they don’t properly connect with the unfortunate ones.

Which reminds me I have a difficut email to write.


I never found him funny.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan




Fucking thanatacism.

Saw John Murry last night with Hector in a brilliant little venue called The Talking Heads in Southampton, intimate and wonderful.  Tickets were £14 which, as Hector said, would just about cover rip off admin charges for many musical experiences. Which causes a mild dilemma within me as John Murry is as good as many musicians earning obscene amounts, so why does he not get more? I almost feel guilty paying a relatively small amount (except I didn’t as Hector bought the tickets, thanks Mike) and think what distortions our capitalist system (almost wrote society, but thatch burnt that concept) is wringing from homo sapiens.

Sapiens means wise but our capitalocene (a possible alternative to anthropocene for our current era) period suggests we are anything but wise, and seemingly getting stupider by the day as evidenced by the people we elect to lead us into thanatic oblivion (from Thanaticism: a social order which subordinates the production of use values to the production of exchange value, to the point that the production of exchange value threatens to extinguish the conditions of existence of use value.) 

Somewhat appropriate as thanatacism sounds much like thatcherism. And it is, I think, valid to state that continuing environmental destruction, increasingly violent climactic events and societal breakdown are a natural consequence of capitalism. Burn baby burn. There is an increasing clamour for an ethical, moral, economic and political realignment. drumf, farage and co represent our current nadir, can we change?

And then there’s exponential population growth, the fucking great pachyderm in our warming environment.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.