Budget bollocks.

Well wasn’t the budget exciting? Rarely is so much media given over to so little except when they do royal bollocks. All the tts and their arse spittles in the media are giving it large because hammond played a blinder and delivered a budget that apparently verged on the competent.

Given money to the lower paid ain’t he? By raising tax thresholds so we lucky poor folk can keep more of our money, cor blimey guv you’re a generous bloke and no mistake. Of course the richer folk get more of a break with their tax changes but we’re all in this together and they earn more so deserve to keep more.

And got rid of that pesky stamp duty for poorer folk, a classic magician’s trick: look at this magical reduction on money needed to get yourself into even deeper hock to the financial masters and mistresses and don’t look at how it benefits those who already own their bit of property. Tax the fucking land, so much of which is owned by so few.

And of course there is no change to the class war that is the ‘austerity’ programme and continuing transfer of our common wealth from the vast majority of us to the rapacious kleptos.

Enough of the depressing bollocks that the tts envelop us with.

Kate and I have just returned from a lovely little trip to the Algarve, whilst driving in the beautiful little mountains where we stayed we were pontificating on the differences between continental Europe and their housing and the UK. I summed it up with a reworking of the ‘mi casa su casa’, ‘my house is your house’ to ‘mi casa mi casa’. That is the english way with property, ‘an englishman’s house is his castle’ and so we will make money out of it.

Shit, I’ve soon slipped back into damn politics.

Coffee; latest studies suggest it has health benefits, until the next studies come along. So maybe the gerson therapy I slagged off a while ago in which coffee enemas cure cancer may be on to something. But I’ll just stick to taking my coffee orally. And spewing bullshit of course.

Brilliant essay in the Grauniad: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/23/from-inboxing-to-thought-showers-how-business-bullshit-took-over

It gives one a warm glow as one’s prejudices are confirmed. The article even references one of my heroes David Graeber and his assertion about the creation of so much meaningless bureaucracy (and before you defend bureaucracy Mark, of which we need some I agree, read his stuff, he too likes the important and necessary bureaucracy) being a means to create work for people.

Anyway need to get off and make some more unction as the last batch was not good enough and heads will have to roll within the company.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



The tories are incompetent but it serves their masters well.

So it’s the budget next week and I wonder what we might expect from hammond and the tory twats. Now Duncan, how many times have I told you that this abusive style towards those you don’t agree with is counter productive. You’re just pandering to your extremely small base, confirming your bias, blowing into a singular bubble and your words will simply bounce off the thick tory twat hides.

They’ve been giving the country the extreme fiscal medicine known as ‘austerity’ since 2010, first via snake oil salesman osborne now hammond. One tiny problem with this illiterate economic approach is that it was based on a theory created by a couple of economists called rogoff and reinhart called ‘expansionary fiscal contraction’. Now I’m all for counterintuition, it is a useful counter for the dangerous ‘common sense’ (more often better described as mass stupidity) and something like ‘expansionary fiscal contraction’ could be counterintuitive. Apart from one minor detail later admitted by the economic duo; there was an error in their calculations and perhaps the theory was not quite what they claimed.

Still, why waste a brilliant opportunity to deliver a good solid dose of class war and dress all this austerity bollocks up as the saviour of the British economy. All it’s done is donate ever greater wealth to the already wealthy and deprive the rest of the nation of that wealth so that most people have experienced the longest decline in living standards since the Napoleonic wars. A massive contraction of the state; that’s schools, health service, social care, welfare, police, armed forces, and more. That includes a drastic reduction in those working in HMRC (I know it makes you happy AYM!) since 2010, so that tax evasion by the kleptos is even easier, compounded by tax laws being written by and for the tax cheats.

Anyway, I digress. In simple monetary terms the few rich have got richer as the majority have got poorer and suffer ever worsening state services. The tts don’t even care about the fact that the premise on which austerity is based is deeply flawed, it’s allowed them to steal back what is our common wealth. They are so arrogantly entitled in their conceits that they even blame the 2008 crash on the state spending of Labour when it was all the creation of greedy banking kleptos and their minions.

And it is class war. In Yankland there is a horribly mirrored financial figure I recently learned. Surprisingly the people that suffered most in terms of losing wealth were non-white people, primarily property wealth, post 2008. The figure calculated as to how much they lost (more accurately described as stolen) almost exactly mirrors the amount of loot paid out in banker and other klepto ‘bonuses’ over the years after 2008.

So, when we listen to hammond next week, all we will hear is how this class war will continue. We’ll hear how the tts have created a strong economy with increasingly low unemployment blah bleedin’ blah. We don’t even have pitchforks anymore, farming is now very mechanised, but we need more metaphorical pitchforks to puncture the pomposity, lies and deceits of the tts.

100 economists austerity dogma fairy

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Less we remember.

Is this efflorescence of giant poppies on lampposts and the like happening everywhere in the country? And how long before there’s a law that everyone wear a red poppy? The red poppies originally represented the ‘fallen’ military personnel from World War 1, a particularly stupid war in which over 9 million combatants died alongside 7 million non-combatants, ‘collateral damage’ in modern parlance. The red poppy now represents all British military personnel who’ve died in British conflicts.

Those who choose not to wear, or are accidentally not wearing, a poppy may well find themselves on the receiving end of abuse and even threats. One such is Irish footballer James McClean who won’t wear one because he comes from Derry, the scene of Bloody Sunday. He says he’d wear one if it was just for those who died in the 2 world wars. Moeen Ali, the England cricketer, also received abuse when in a team photo taken on October 28th he was the only one not wearing a red poppy. It had fallen off just before the photo and no one noticed. Another form of ‘collateral damage’ maybe?

Now perhaps there is too much remembering in the world; too much remembering of military victories, mass slaughters, ‘wicked’ betrayals, religious persecutions all of which can fuel dangerous self righteousness. This remembering has played it’s part in brexit, drumf’s election, the Middle East, Korea, the Balkans, Catalonia, Ireland and ‘chopper’ Harris chopping down Eddie Gray in the 1970 FA cup replay.

Perhaps we need a little more forgetting so that life can move on. Even mourning as David Rieff writes:

“What Szymborska articulates is the ethical imperative of forgetting so that life can go on – as it must. And she is right to do so. For everything must end, including the work of mourning. Otherwise the blood never dries, the end of a great love becomes the end of love itself, and, as they used to say in Ireland, long after the quarrel has stopped making any sense, the memory of the grudge endures.”

And as war veteran George Evans wrote:

““I remember my friends and my enemies too/ We all did our duties for our countries/ We all obeyed our orders/ Then we murdered each other/ Isn’t war stupid?”

He was sacked from reading at the Remembrance Day proceedings in his home town of Wellington, Shropshire after reading his poem.


Maybe too much selective remembering and not enough forgetting?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Yes it’s the same old story……

Forgive me as I stifle another yawn, not just because I’m quite tired from a busy weekend selling the unction, but more immediately from reading about the ‘Paradise Papers’. Shock horror, the kleptos have been revealed yet again to have been offshoring their often ill gotten loot to compound their felonies by avoiding tax. Forgive me also for my financial naivety as despite all the weaselly words from the kleptos, the multinationals, the corporations, the accountants, the lawyers, the politicians sending money offshore is just simply to avoid paying tax, isn’t it?

And their loot is often ill gotten; just consider where all the quantitative easing money went, how much the fucking kleptos get in government ‘grants’, ‘subsidies’ and other handouts, how much they ‘earn’ from spurious marketing and advertising ad infinbleedinitum.

We exist in a country where our head of state encapsulates this greedy state of affairs. Queen Betty and all her familial parasites live off very generous state benefits, get egregious amounts of rentier loot from vast tracts of stolen land (apparently queenie is the biggest freeholder in the world) and still this royal loot is offshored.

And I yawn because we’ve been here so often before, we’ll have a bit of outrage, the tts will lie about how much (read little) they’ve done about about tax evasion and soon we’ll be fed some other news shit and nothing will change, except if we vote for Mr Jeremy of course.

And another white man with his easily obtained deadly arsenal of weapons massacres many in Texas. And already the warped white man politics is denying that guns played any part but the answer would be to arm all church parishioners (including children) and pastors and priests so they could shoot these deranged fuckers before they shoot them.

I think pretty much all these massacres could be avoided if there is very limited and very targeted gun control. Do not let any man (usually a white man) who physically, or otherwise, abuses women or children have any sort of weapon.

Could extend this to this country and not allow any man (or woman) who abuses others to have or to hold on to a position of power. Now that would be really taking back control. Imagine no more of the likes of russian mole de pfeffel twatface johnson polluting our screens and airwaves and instead have him clearing up pollution working as a waste disposal operative. Would love to see how his phoney schtick goes down working in a refuse lorry team.

And finally well done to the Unction sales team who had their best weekend yet. At this rate it won’t be too long before the company will need to offshore!


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Hooray Henley and happy birthday Mark.

Last week I felt the roughest since treatment finished, wasn’t an illness as such but felt very tired and unenergetic. Possibly a dose of SAD, maybe a reaction to my regular check-up being postponed, perhaps hypothyroidism kicking in or perchance a feature of advancing years (happy birthday today to my old chum Mark who today joins the sexygenarian gang). What last week’s low did do was cause me to reflect a little on my condition.

BC (before cancer) I was always pretty susceptible to coughs, colds, sore throats and flu-like illnesses. Since my crabby treatment I’ve not had any of these (apart from my radiotherapy ravaged neck and throat) which is interesting. One of the many effects of chemotherapy is that it compromises the immune system, basically because it kills most of the body’s immune cells. So, logically, one might expect me to get even more coughs and colds.

One factor was that I worked in schools BC and they are lovely places for the breeding and spreading of viral infections so AC (after cancer) I didn’t have that exposure. Even so the family still introduced their infections to the home, I’ve been out and about a great deal and have frequent visits to hospitals and they’re full of infectious types. Still no infections for me (yet).

What I do get are mini colds that last literally a few minutes! Weird eh? A brief runny nose, bit of cough or a sneeze, think I might be ‘coming down with something’ and then nothing. Also I’m now very temperature sensitive, for example when driving a small lowering of the heating and I sneeze immediately.

One thing I’ve considered is that the chemo has given me a reboot; it so fucks the body’s systems that any recovery involves the body resetting itself as it recovers from the assault. Perhaps my body’s rebooting has made it more effective at resisting the common viral attacks.

Just had a bit of a coughing episode, psychoimmunolgy at work?

I’ve also been thinking more about immunology after considering joining the vaccine trial. Also got a little paranoid with the postponement of my check-up last week soon after declining to join the trial, they are punishing me for not joining.

On the way to Henley last Saturday to sell the unction I listened to Today’s 60th anniversary broadcast, gove made his appalling weinstein comment and when listening to John Simpson I started counting how many times he used the word “I”, I soon lost count. I also wrote on my unctuous facebook: ‘going to Henley today, hooray’ and later ‘hooray Henley’. Only the sexygenarians and older folk got my little joke.

One bloke came to the unctuous stall and asked if it would help his gout. I said it wouldn’t cure his gout but that it would soften the skin on his feet, make them smell better and make him more sexually attractive to his wife which would take his mind off his gout. He laughed but didn’t buy any.

Last week an estate agent I’d recently met knocked on our door to buy some more unction, his wife, a school cook (why aren’t they called school chefs?), thinks it brilliant for treating those burns cooks/chefs often get. He also said he’d a little money and would like to invest in the unctuous business. Took me aback, I’m still a crap business person and don’t fully understand the implications of investment but it gave my fragile ego a boost. Anyway, a busy selling time looming and we need the money.

hooray entitled

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Oh sweet sedition.

Every now and then I read the comments after an article I’ve read online. Mostly they stir in me a reaction similar to the one I get when I watch Question Time and I switch off lest I explode indignantly. Occasionally a comment is funny or there’s a punning thread. But every now and then a comment chimes deeply with me and my bias is confirmed. I’ve just read such a comment after an article about how the English reformation sowed the seeds of brexit, Luther made his post challenging the papacy on halloween 500 years ago. The article explained in part how English exceptionalism has evolved since. The comment took this further:

“And people who have had their land stolen, sent to die in wars to create an Empire that served only the few, locked into a mediaeval class system, their work and communities destroyed and an education system that values academic understanding above practical knowledge and so on and so on, tricked, lied to and bullied… such people inevitably become powerless and depressed, lost and ignorant. And unfortunately then rise up against the wrong enemy.”

A pretty good summation of the brexit vote. A friend from my crabby cohort in pre-brexit times said he was going to vote with ‘his gut’, this is how I think many voted.

Our, much as American exceptionalism, is a dangerous thing. We believe ourselves to be somehow superior because it’s been a long time since we were invaded or had a civil war. Thing is this false belief is one that has been inculcated by the rich and powerful over centuries and is now deeply embedded in our national psyche. “Two world wars and one world cup doo dah doo dah”. The disease has not erupted as it has in other European countries through war and civil strife with it’s brothers in arms of fascism and dictators. Our demons have not been more fully aired and confronted, they just linger pustulently in the likes of farage and bunter.

Our national decline will merely be hastened by brexit, oh there’s the knock at the door and I’m off to the Tower for seditious treason……….


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.