Class ceiling and bog ceiling.

Well after another slightly disturbed nights sleep during which I vowed that the pension forms will be put in as soon as possible and we’d ‘take the hit’ if pension not given on health grounds and then I make progress this morning. My consultant agrees to amendment straight away and letter being sent to occupational health. I actually speak with someone from occupational health and they seem helpful. I write an old fashioned letter on stationary that’s about 40 years old to my GP about her impending report. And it all feels like progress.

And then I go into our newly decorated downstairs bog (no breaking through the ‘class ceiling’ for me with language like that!), sit upon the toilet and notice that the wall has changed colour. Initially I think it’s because I didn’t treat the wall before painting but then I’m dripped on, I look up and there’s water coming through all sorts of places and all the walls are affected. Is it Sod’s Law that dictates such things will happen?

I go upstairs to the bathroom which is above the downstairs lavatory, take off the bath panel and find the leak straight away, Kate calls the plumber he’s round in the afternoon and all is sorted. Except I’ve got to paint the walls again.

So what do I call the loo such that I can break through the ‘class ceiling’ and what accent do I use? As results from the ‘social mobility and child poverty commission’ clearly show that there is a ‘class ceiling’ and if you don’t pass the ‘poshness test’ in our so called ‘modern age’ then tough: . As I’ve written before how quickly the ‘new meritocracy’ morphs into the new aristocracy as the kleptos and others ensure their sprogs continue in the life they’ve been brought up in and fuck the rest.

So when I assume power near the top of my ‘to do list’ will be the eradication of private schools. Not through what would be a much resisted and fought over process but by simply enacting that the ‘top two’ students from every secondary school will go to oxbridge. Exactly how the ‘top two’ might be chosen is up for debate but numbers would reflect gender, ethnic and other agreed factors. And fuck anyone who cries ‘class envy’ or similar bollocks. It’s only fair now.

And it is such a waste of so much potential talent, and everyone would get the best possible education.

So Jeremy Corbyn made it into the Labour leadership contest which means there will be a wider range of debate and the eventual winner should reflect on all that’s thrown up in the coming weeks.

Now those ‘naked backpackers’, exactly how disrespectful were they? I am of the opinion that it’s very presumptuous of local religious leaders to assume that any supreme being, or whatever they worship, would be offended by naked bodies atop a mountain. Perhaps such a god might like what happened and has been pissed off for some time with the way their religion is run on such male dominated and misogynist lines. And maybe the subsequent earthquake was the god’s response to the way the religious leaders treated the naked backpackers?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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