Terrorism’s useful idiot.

Decided yesterday that I’d give this vanity project that is my blog a rest for a while, especially after medical advice, but sadly after yesterday’s war vote and listening to hilary benn’s rabble rousing bollocks I can’t help myself.

It still amazes me how a whole country can be so easily hoodwinked. Cognitive dissonance spreads. So depressing listening to all the sanctimonious, self-righteous bollocks spewing from the mouths of so many. Dear old Tony must be turning in his grave as his son talks like a neo-con in a speech lauded by so many as ‘a great speech’. It was nothing of the sort. it was blatant politicking of the worst kind as he makes his leadership bid. And the bullingdon bully again shows his true colours as he labels all those who dare to vote against him as ‘terrorist sympathisers’ and refuses to apologise. If any logic were applied to the situation we would soon realise that he is the terrorist sympathiser. Lets have a little bit on every screen from now on which records the number of civilians killed by bombing.

But as we enter the fourth Middle Eastern disaster in only 12 years will we after this have a proper inquiry into the mendacity of politicians, the supplicance of a supine and bigoted media (they too should be accountable, peddling lies and the like). As Simon Jenkins, no bleeding heart liberal he, writes apropos condom cameron: “his own relentless deployment of the politics of fear makes him terrorism’s “useful idiot””. That appeals to me, describing the buller bully as a ‘useful idiot’.

Heard something I never thought I’d hear from a neighbour this morning as she said we were putting our neighbours to shame with our new door and windows. “Keeping up with the Smiths” she said.

And what do we make of Dan Price, the Seattle ceo who now pays all his staff $70,000, including himself? I think it’s great and a brilliant antidote to the other greedy, sociopathic kleptos. But there’s already a pretty big backlash from siblings, ex-wife and other supporters of capitalist exploitation. So an apparently simple story of something good is swiftly muddied.

Anyway, I’m off to pack for Venice.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan



2 thoughts on “Terrorism’s useful idiot.

  1. Duncan, I love your blog. Please don’t refrain! I totally agree with you on almost everything apart from when you refer to that weirdo George Monbiot – there is something creepy about him but more on that later. I (and everyone I speak to – mostly young people) cannot believe the crap that the warmongers are spouting. It is clearly just old men’s PR spin and electioneering. Mr Jeremy stands out like a sore thumb because he is not playing their game and is still an angry young man. No wonder they all try to ridicule and attack him. Saw a great clip today (from 15-20 years ago) where Tony was arguing very forcibly against the bombing and guess who was sitting behind him – yes Mr Jeremy. Oh indeed, how Tony would turn in his grave to hear the rantings of his idiot son! Have fun in Venice you lucky bastard – don’t go to Harry’s Bar unless you have raised £100k on your mortgage though to pay for the carpaccio. Sorry I have been so absent recently. Loved your story of the busy Swanage police force and their instant justice – warmed the cockles of me heart. Only hope that the criminal was not given the opportunity to attend an ‘impatience management course’ at a net cost to the taxpayer of say £5k courtesy of some private ‘enterprise’. It would not surprise me nor Mr Saleem ‘Slime’ Asari, I don’t doubt. Still fucking angry about all this shit.


  2. Thanks David. And aren’t we happy with the Oldham result. I get so pissed off with the presumption, the arrogance, the pomposity of so many politicos, the kleptos and the other arm of the unholy trinity the media. Had harrumphries on the today show this morning asking a reporter whether there was some sort of disconnect between the blairites and the folk in the country? It’s a bleedin’ disconnect between the lot of them, especially the fucking right wing led media. They all live in a hall of mirrors.
    As a recent joiner of the kleptonic class we’ll check out Harry’s Bar!
    (Please note the comments of this opinionated bastard are being moderated)


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